The 2nd Edition

In the years following the original publication, I received dozens of Emails and other correspondence regarding Mister Barlow from students and faculty.  Everyone had a story to share – some were different versions of the many legends, some corroborated accounts that others had shared, and still others were brand new anecdotes.  The one common element across all this correspondence was gratitude that I’d told Mister Barlow’s story.  Believe me, I was happy to have obliged. 

Although I didn’t have any earth-shattering revelations regarding Mister Barlow in the past five years, my understanding of his character was broadened and deepened thanks both to these anecdotes and to the Internet.  More and more resources have appeared since the original publication that allowed for research into areas previously unreachable. 

The most intriguing discovery came from material relating to Robert Ulich, a groundbreaking, innovative thinker and educator who instructed Mister Barlow during his years at Harvard.  Ulich is briefly discussed in the original book, but I expound on his theories and how they likely influenced Mister Barlow in the new edition.  The new edition also contains some excerpts regarding education from his 1982 interview with the Greeley Tribune; a few new anecdotes from students that demonstrates his love and caring for his students both inside and outside the classroom, as well as a story that is quite representative of his classroom antics; a handwritten letter to a student; photos of war documents; and features a complete interior re-design.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you get as much out of Mister Barlow’s story as I have.


"You have the manners of a cockroach!"