Capsule Reviews

Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes says:
"The biggest problem with American education is that we don't have nearly enough Mr. Barlow's"

"A fascinating, well-researched, and insightful exploration of a brilliant but tortured soul. I couldn't put it down." - Amy Newmark, Publisher, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Meyers goes beyond his subject's public persona to create a compelling portrait of this unusual man" - NewCastleNow.Org (Read the full review here )

"Sincerity is the reason for the book. It's the strength of this project, and its glory --- this is a labor of love that was worth undertaking" - Jesse Kornbluth,

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is fabulous...many of the stories had me in stitches" - Simon Barrett, Read the full review

And readers from all walks of life had this to say about Teacher of the Year:

"A responsible, engaging, and innovative example of life-writing today. Even readers who have never heard of "Blackie" will be drawn to him as much as will his former students." – John W. Crowley, Professor of English for forty years at Syracuse U., and the Univ. of Alabama; author of numerous books.

"Simply put, the book is marvelous…touching and affecting" – Robert Gluck, Prof. of Music, University of Albany

"A wonderful, thoughtful, and engrossing biographical mystery" – Byran Kurtz, former student

“This book isn’t just about my brother, it is my brother. It’s as if the 40 lost years between us had been wiped out in a flash” – Albert Barlow, lone surviving family member

"A phenomenal account…delivered with beauty and respect...profoundly touching" – Chip Ross, Principal Timpanist, Rochester Orchestra

" Like any good biography, the book gives the reader a more profound understanding and appreciation of its subject" – Reid Reynolds, former student

"A fascinating book on an extraordinary man. " – Lee Pollack, investment advisor

"I think Mister Barlow would be honored by this effort to capture the uniquely gifted and tortured personality he was" – Lynda Crowley, Small Business Owner/Certified EMT

"I now feel I know Edwin Barlow better than most people…This is a great story" – Betsy Conner Bowen, Author

"A great job, and I hardly knew the man!" – Eleanor Sundman, Retired elementary school instructional aide

"A wonderful gift…an incredible book" – Dr. JoAnn Piscatelli, Duke University School of Medicine

"The book was great and worth the money" – Matt Gilbert, Entrepreneur

"I found myself chuckling out loud at the accounts from his class" – Monica Lombardo, manager, IBM

"A lovely tribute…your writing brings me right back to his classroom" – Pamela Shanks, Speech pathologist

"A wonderful read…that helps us understand that mentors and brilliant people are also human" – Suzanne Kellner-Zinck, hypnosis therapist