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There are no books, either in or out-of-print, that examine anything about television drama writers, much less their creative process. However, hundreds of titles exist on the craft of writing, the technical aspects of writing for television, and how to break into the television writing business. Additionally, many of these books are written for novices, using simplistic language that does not take into account the fact that many writers (both aspiring and otherwise) are highly educated.

I decided it was time to change all that.

So I called around Hollywood to interview as many writer-producers as I could find, particularly ones that were currently in charge of their own show. The interview process took four years. During this time, some people’s fortunes rose, others fell – but everything they had said in the interviews still had timeless value.

My goal with the book is this: aspiring writers often ask how to break into the TV business. They are asking the wrong question. The real answer to knowing how is to ask why people become writers and what makes them successful? "How to" do anything is irrelevant when one is not even sure why they are doing something in the first place. The questions of "why" are what this book is about.

The book focuses on the writer's drive to express; how each writer honed their creativity; the compromises they've made to nurture it prior to finding success and after; how they draw upon it when confronted with television's inelastic deadlines; how they cope with the collision of artistic fulfillment and the realities of commerce; and how they inject an original voice into a show that is often not of their own making.

The book is not just for writers. It is for actors and directors, as well. The creative process for television involves many people, and there is a lot of overlap across disciplines. The book has also been carefully crafted to throw open the gates of Hollywood to the average viewer, who craves understanding of how their favorite shows coalesce each week. I hope you enjoy it.

Please drop me a line to tell me your thoughts.

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